Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sheinside Review~

Hello guys! Today I'm going to be reviewing the remainder of my Sheinside haul! This will include my Gardener Tee, Grey Double Layered Jacket and Studded Leather jacket.

I was supposed to review a pair of leather pants as well, but they were not even remotely my size and I couldn't even put them on hah.

Here is what they look like and how they are advertised!


I recieved all of these items promptly, and the customer service regarding tracking was top-notch as always!

I'll start with the Floral Gardener Tee. This is what I received: 

Very accurate! It is actually much more vibrant in person as opposed to the site advertisement. 
The material seems to be a cotton-polyester blend, as its silky, but the site claims its only cotton.
I really love floral stuff, and plant-life in general, so this shirt was a must have honestly.

This shirt does only come in one size, though, The neck is a bit wide on me, and I'm not sure if thats how it's meant to be, or because it's large, but I like it either way!

Here's the info and sizing for this Tee:

I don't have any major complaints with this shirt! The wideness of the collar forces me to wear a strapless binder, which is hella annoying, but nothing I can't handle. 


Comfort: ✞✞✞

Quality: ✞✞✞✞


On to the next item, the Grey Double Layered Jacket!

This is what I recieved:

This item is by far the one I've gotten the MOST wear out of. I have worn this thing SO MUCH! That's because It's super versatile and matches literally everything I own, lol.

It does come in a lighter grey and green as well.

This Jacket is available in sizes Small-XL and mine is a size medium!
It fits perfectly, like, tailored to my body. I do PERSONALLY prefer sleeves that can be pulled over my palms, but as far as actual sizing goes, this thing fits me. 

I like the way this jacket appears to be TWO jackets. It's very cozy and pretty thick for a basic sweatshirt. 

The zippers are both capable of zipping all the way up.....
Heres the info and sizing!

This was definitely my most practical and probably my favorite item from the Sheinside haul!
No complains!


Comfort: ✞✞✞

Quality: ✞✞✞✞


Lastly, I have the Studded Leather Jacket!!

I got this item because I thought it looked like a nice, basic motorcycle jacket. 

Here's what I got:

Lol, again, Im also wearing the grey jacket from this haul beneath.

With this studded jacket I found that it looks best as a top layer. It's cropped (which i didn't expect, as its title doesnt say it is), and the sleeves are a bit short for me, so alone it looks a bit silly.

That said, it looks AWESOME. 

The shoulder studs just make me feel like a bad ass biker or something to be honest.

As far as quality goes, this pleather feels decent. It's not too thin and I'm not worried that the snap buttons are gonna rip away (like some of my cheap leather jackets in the past.)

My jacket was a size medium, so I recommend ordering a size larger than you normally would.


Comfort: ✞✞✞

Quality: ✞✞✞✞


Overall, I'm pretty happy with my items! I'm sure I will get lots of wear out of all of these things.

Thank you so much if you read this far, and thank you Sheinside for consistent collaboration! 



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