Thursday, January 22, 2015

Firmoo Review~

Hello again! Today I'm going to be reviewing for a company whom I've never worked with, and an item that I've never reviewed before!
I have a pair of frames to review from Firmoo, although before I get too involved I am sorry to say that the particular set of frames I chose are no longer being produced by the designer, so they are not available on Firmoo. If you really like them, Firmoo is happy to ask the manufacturer for any left-overs, but honestly the site has SO many amazing options, and some very similar ones, so it shouldn't be a huge deal. 

(simply for proof that these came from Firmoo)

I have been out a nice pair of frames for so long, and I was honestly so embarrassed of my other ones that I just didn't wear glasses, so I was thrilled to be able to collaborate with Firmoo.

The pair of frames I got are advertised like this:

I liked the basic square shape, but the reason why I wanted these was for the little skulls on the inside of the stems haha. 
Firmoo offers a LOT of other square frames, though, 

When I received the glasses they came with a hard case as well as a soft case, and a lens clothe. 

Im not sure if the Hard cases design is universal or if you get a different one based on your order or frame designer, but the one I got is just fine. Very sturdy! It looks like an old map or something.

I had never ordered frames online like this, but other than not being able to try them on, everything was simple. You do need a copy of your lens prescription in order to place am Rx order, although if you want you can simply get glass lenses.

Here is a small collage of some nicer pictures I've taken in the glasses.

I really love these! They make me look like a huge dork but at least I'm a cute huge dork.
I never really notice the detail on the inner stems, though, which is a shame. 

The Firmoo representatives were nothing but sweet and prompt with their communication! The package does take around 3 weeks to arrive, and you DO have to sign for it, but again, the customer service was really nice. 
The only negative thing I have to say is that these do start to hurt my ears after prolonged wear, but that's to be expected. They also tend to rub off my face and eyebrow makeup, so I need to be extra cautious of that when they're on,

I really dont have much else to say about these! The quality is exactly what it should be, and these frames were only $30!

I hope you peruse Firmoo as well and give them a look if you're in need for nice glasses!


Comfort: ✞✞✞✞

Quality: ✞✞✞✞✞


Thank you so much for working with me Firmoo, and thank you reader, if you got this far!



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