Sunday, January 11, 2015

✞ Sheinside Review- Blue Hill Beach Sweatshirt

Hey guys! Good afternoon/evening or whatever it is for you. I don't normally review bulk items like the ones from Sheinside one-by-one, but I got sort of a haul so I wanted to get some of the main items out of the way on there own.

So, what I'm reviewing today is the Blue Hill Sweatshirt and it's literally like the first thing that was ever on my wishlist for Sheinside, so without further ado, lets get on with it!

SO here's what the sweatshirt is advertised as:

I like these style of sweatshirts! They are definitely a trend right now, the way the graphic doesn't wrap and is just the entire shirt itself.

This picture is just beautiful to look at, like, aren't you just a little calmer staring at this???
I have an obsession with beach themed things, so I was stoked to have this be a piece of my wardrobe. 

The information for this item is as follows:

As you can see, it comes in a small, medium, and large! I got a medium, myself. They seem to run just about the same as American sizing, so dont worry about ordering in accordance to general Asian sizes! 

I didnt get very many pics of this piece because my camera died (OTL) but I did get a couple!

I just love the color of this. It matches my "blue milk" eyeliner perfectly haha. 

Its so airy and calm looking and I feel like a water deity?? Poseidon quivers before him. 

This thing is spot on to the advert! In sunlight like the above photo the blue is almost luminescent, but in normal lighting its a calmer light blue. Exactly like the scenery.

I thre a white collared shirt on under this for some added style, but you could easily wear this as a sweatshirt on its own!!

The only complaint I have about this item is that it's polyester, BUT that's advertised, so read before you buy! Its silky and definitely meant for warmer climate, as opposed to being soft and cozy for the wintertime. Itll be a good piece to wear for the warmer spring transition!

I love it! Its super soft and pretty and beachy.

Comfort:: ✞✞✞
Im not a fan of polyester for sweatshirts because they arent warm like cotton :( 

Quality: ✞✞✞✞✞
Even though I dont personally like the material, it IS really high quality.

The print anf high quality make of this item earns it a 4/5 from me! Love it.

Big thanks to Sheinside for sponsoring this review!



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  1. Really beautiful pattern *o* you look so beautiful with it!