Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sheinside Review~

Hello guys! Today I'm going to be reviewing the remainder of my Sheinside haul! This will include my Gardener Tee, Grey Double Layered Jacket and Studded Leather jacket.

I was supposed to review a pair of leather pants as well, but they were not even remotely my size and I couldn't even put them on hah.

Here is what they look like and how they are advertised!


I recieved all of these items promptly, and the customer service regarding tracking was top-notch as always!

I'll start with the Floral Gardener Tee. This is what I received: 

Very accurate! It is actually much more vibrant in person as opposed to the site advertisement. 
The material seems to be a cotton-polyester blend, as its silky, but the site claims its only cotton.
I really love floral stuff, and plant-life in general, so this shirt was a must have honestly.

This shirt does only come in one size, though, The neck is a bit wide on me, and I'm not sure if thats how it's meant to be, or because it's large, but I like it either way!

Here's the info and sizing for this Tee:

I don't have any major complaints with this shirt! The wideness of the collar forces me to wear a strapless binder, which is hella annoying, but nothing I can't handle. 


Comfort: ✞✞✞

Quality: ✞✞✞✞


On to the next item, the Grey Double Layered Jacket!

This is what I recieved:

This item is by far the one I've gotten the MOST wear out of. I have worn this thing SO MUCH! That's because It's super versatile and matches literally everything I own, lol.

It does come in a lighter grey and green as well.

This Jacket is available in sizes Small-XL and mine is a size medium!
It fits perfectly, like, tailored to my body. I do PERSONALLY prefer sleeves that can be pulled over my palms, but as far as actual sizing goes, this thing fits me. 

I like the way this jacket appears to be TWO jackets. It's very cozy and pretty thick for a basic sweatshirt. 

The zippers are both capable of zipping all the way up.....
Heres the info and sizing!

This was definitely my most practical and probably my favorite item from the Sheinside haul!
No complains!


Comfort: ✞✞✞

Quality: ✞✞✞✞


Lastly, I have the Studded Leather Jacket!!

I got this item because I thought it looked like a nice, basic motorcycle jacket. 

Here's what I got:

Lol, again, Im also wearing the grey jacket from this haul beneath.

With this studded jacket I found that it looks best as a top layer. It's cropped (which i didn't expect, as its title doesnt say it is), and the sleeves are a bit short for me, so alone it looks a bit silly.

That said, it looks AWESOME. 

The shoulder studs just make me feel like a bad ass biker or something to be honest.

As far as quality goes, this pleather feels decent. It's not too thin and I'm not worried that the snap buttons are gonna rip away (like some of my cheap leather jackets in the past.)

My jacket was a size medium, so I recommend ordering a size larger than you normally would.


Comfort: ✞✞✞

Quality: ✞✞✞✞


Overall, I'm pretty happy with my items! I'm sure I will get lots of wear out of all of these things.

Thank you so much if you read this far, and thank you Sheinside for consistent collaboration! 



Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sheinside Review- leggings

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be review two pairs of leggings from Sheinside and I'm just condensing them in to one review, as they are simple and similar items. 
I will be reviewing a pair of Skeleton leggings as well as some PU Pleather paneled leggings.

SO the first item I received, the PU Panel leggings, are advertised like this:

Pretty basic, pleather accented leggings! I was excited to get these because they look like they will match a lot. They come in sizes small-XXL. 

I ordered a size medium, and here's what I received:

These leggings look very accurate as depicted to the site, but I do have a couple of bones to pick.
They are too short for my long legs! Im a size small in the waist, but I order a medium specifically for length. These are high-water when I am doing anything other than standing perfectly still, so I have to disguise that with socks, so order big and measure!

The leather over the knee also feels odd to me, but thats a personal note lmao.

The pockets featured on the butt are FAKE which is always lame, but hey, these are just leggings so, its too be expected.
It seems like I had a lot of negative stuff to say, but these are really generally pretty good. I like the look of them!


Comfort: ✞✞✞

Quality: ✞✞✞✞


The next pair of leggings I got are these:

These are classic and I have always wanted a nice pair of skelly leggings!

These leggings, as opposed to the other ones, only come in one size, ironically fitting me just right. Make sure to measure yourself before buying one size items!

This is what I received. 

Accurate! Although Im wearing socks over the ankles of these too, they are in fact plenty long enough,
(You can see my boxers through these ignore that, its my bad)

These are ALMOST perfect! The black is a little duller than I imaged, theyre like already faded, but other than that theyre amazing.
The material is VERY silky and smooth and youll be rubbing your thighs all day lol.


Comfort: ✞✞✞

Quality: ✞✞✞✞


Thank you so much if you read this far, and thank you Sheinside for consistent collaboration! 


Friday, January 23, 2015

Wigisfashion Review!

Hello everyone! Today I'm really excited to review something for you all. As i'm sure you've seen, Wigisfashion was kind enough to sponsor me a fashion wig! I have reviewed wigs in the past, and like those times, this wig is also for a cosplay. I got it for my Neji cosplay, but its also very basic and versatile, since Neji's hair is just long and brown, and I thought I could wear it for fashion as well. 

You can use the coupon code 'aschhays' for 5% off of any normally priced wigs at Wigisfashion!

So! On to the review. This is how the wig is advertised:

Very simple and universal, just like Neji's. 

I was really draw to this one for the middle parting.

Here's what I received:

As you can see, the wig was SPOT ON for Neji, and it also looks true to advert. In fact, id say this wig is less frizzy looking in person. It is VERY sleek.

Here's a picture of about how long the wig is. It's 24", and even though long wigs inevitably tangle, this one brushed out nicely without doing the synthetic snapping thing. I was able to brush tangles out without it frizzing up much!

I was worried this sort of hairstyle would overpower my face, but I am really loving my cheekbones with long straight hair!!

Its SO fucking shiny, but its not super fake looking, so I cant complain!!

This wig, like most wigs, has adjustable snaps in the back for tightening the wig to your head.
The part is permanent, but that's okay, as its a big reason of why i bought this wig haha.

At IS a little itchy, and easy to feel swallowed by the wig, but that comes with the territory. 

Appearence: ☆☆☆☆☆

Comfort: ☆☆☆☆

Quality: ☆☆☆☆

Thank you so much Wigisfashion for sponsoring me this wig!

If you buy from this site, remeber to get 5% off of normally priced items with my code "aschhays"!



Thursday, January 22, 2015

Firmoo Review~

Hello again! Today I'm going to be reviewing for a company whom I've never worked with, and an item that I've never reviewed before!
I have a pair of frames to review from Firmoo, although before I get too involved I am sorry to say that the particular set of frames I chose are no longer being produced by the designer, so they are not available on Firmoo. If you really like them, Firmoo is happy to ask the manufacturer for any left-overs, but honestly the site has SO many amazing options, and some very similar ones, so it shouldn't be a huge deal. 

(simply for proof that these came from Firmoo)

I have been out a nice pair of frames for so long, and I was honestly so embarrassed of my other ones that I just didn't wear glasses, so I was thrilled to be able to collaborate with Firmoo.

The pair of frames I got are advertised like this:

I liked the basic square shape, but the reason why I wanted these was for the little skulls on the inside of the stems haha. 
Firmoo offers a LOT of other square frames, though, 

When I received the glasses they came with a hard case as well as a soft case, and a lens clothe. 

Im not sure if the Hard cases design is universal or if you get a different one based on your order or frame designer, but the one I got is just fine. Very sturdy! It looks like an old map or something.

I had never ordered frames online like this, but other than not being able to try them on, everything was simple. You do need a copy of your lens prescription in order to place am Rx order, although if you want you can simply get glass lenses.

Here is a small collage of some nicer pictures I've taken in the glasses.

I really love these! They make me look like a huge dork but at least I'm a cute huge dork.
I never really notice the detail on the inner stems, though, which is a shame. 

The Firmoo representatives were nothing but sweet and prompt with their communication! The package does take around 3 weeks to arrive, and you DO have to sign for it, but again, the customer service was really nice. 
The only negative thing I have to say is that these do start to hurt my ears after prolonged wear, but that's to be expected. They also tend to rub off my face and eyebrow makeup, so I need to be extra cautious of that when they're on,

I really dont have much else to say about these! The quality is exactly what it should be, and these frames were only $30!

I hope you peruse Firmoo as well and give them a look if you're in need for nice glasses!


Comfort: ✞✞✞✞

Quality: ✞✞✞✞✞


Thank you so much for working with me Firmoo, and thank you reader, if you got this far!



Sheinside Review- Red Fur Hooded Draw-string Parka

Hello everyone! Today I have a review on this lovely and VERY furry parka from Sheinside! 
I have been working with Sheinside for quite some time, and I would consider us business partners at this point. I have several items to review for them, but rather than condense them all in to one review like I've done in the past, I decided to give them all their own smaller review. 

That said, I wanted to just assure you all that NONE of my reviews are decisive or untrustworthy. I have worked with this company in particular for long enough that I'm not shy about pointing out any little thing that might be unsatisfactory, as I hold them to a VERY high standard!

Onward to the parka!

I decided to choose this item because I was lacking many real winter coats. My wardrobe is full of thin sweatshirts and such, as Georgia doesn't usually get to be TOO cold, but there are still plenty of cold-fronts and I felt the need to indulge in the fur trend.

This is how the coat is advertised on site:

As you can see, the coat is featured with wool lining, fur around the hood, and drawstrings toward the bottom to further fasten the thing around you when zipped up.
(This coat is also available in OLIVE or NAVY!)

This is what I got in my package;

It looks very accurate to the advertised image! There aren't many discrepancies. The only slightly misleading feature in the Advertisement is the wool lining, as its only in the torso and sleeve hem of the parka. The inside of the long sleeves themselves is a silkier, tan-colored material. Its sort of the same stuff they use to make wind-breaker jackets? (I forgot the name of that material.)

That said, It's still really comfy, and I don't actually mind the material change. 

This coat does only come in ONE size, although due to the nature of it I'd say anyone from a small-large could fit it. If you're a shorter size XL it will probably fit as well, but I cant see the sleeves being long enough for anyone lanky over a size large. I'm generally a size medium in these sorts of things, and the bottom hem is just long enough, so make sure you check out the measurements before buying anything! This fits me really well personally!

My favorite part, as many peoples favorite part of this coat, is the GIGANTIC furred hood!!!! This hood is the holy grail for a pretty fur selfie lmao. It also really looks nice accenting shoulders when its down,

Since the hood is adored with such heavy, high quality faux fur, it does like to fall around shoulders, so I have to adjust it to look like the first photo often. I don't really use the drawstring function, but it does work if I wanted to. 

This fake wool is pretty quality, and not scratchy at all! I was worried it would bug the sensitive skin around my neck, but it didn't at all. 
There is a panel of buttons meant to clasp across the coat and over the zipper for added security as well! 

I'm very very pleased with this coat! It will look great alone, or on top of other jackets and sweatshirts. 


Comfort: ✞✞✞✞✞

Quality: ✞✞✞✞✞


Thank you so much if you read this far, and thank you Sheinside for consistent collaboration!