Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sheinside Review- leggings

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be review two pairs of leggings from Sheinside and I'm just condensing them in to one review, as they are simple and similar items. 
I will be reviewing a pair of Skeleton leggings as well as some PU Pleather paneled leggings.

SO the first item I received, the PU Panel leggings, are advertised like this:

Pretty basic, pleather accented leggings! I was excited to get these because they look like they will match a lot. They come in sizes small-XXL. 

I ordered a size medium, and here's what I received:

These leggings look very accurate as depicted to the site, but I do have a couple of bones to pick.
They are too short for my long legs! Im a size small in the waist, but I order a medium specifically for length. These are high-water when I am doing anything other than standing perfectly still, so I have to disguise that with socks, so order big and measure!

The leather over the knee also feels odd to me, but thats a personal note lmao.

The pockets featured on the butt are FAKE which is always lame, but hey, these are just leggings so, its too be expected.
It seems like I had a lot of negative stuff to say, but these are really generally pretty good. I like the look of them!


Comfort: ✞✞✞

Quality: ✞✞✞✞


The next pair of leggings I got are these:

These are classic and I have always wanted a nice pair of skelly leggings!

These leggings, as opposed to the other ones, only come in one size, ironically fitting me just right. Make sure to measure yourself before buying one size items!

This is what I received. 

Accurate! Although Im wearing socks over the ankles of these too, they are in fact plenty long enough,
(You can see my boxers through these ignore that, its my bad)

These are ALMOST perfect! The black is a little duller than I imaged, theyre like already faded, but other than that theyre amazing.
The material is VERY silky and smooth and youll be rubbing your thighs all day lol.


Comfort: ✞✞✞

Quality: ✞✞✞✞


Thank you so much if you read this far, and thank you Sheinside for consistent collaboration! 


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