Sunday, June 29, 2014

☾Review- Harajukufashionslut Parental Advisory Mesh Crop-Top❤

Hey, so here's another review! 

This will be on Harajukufashionslut on storenvy!!
I was sent a crop top from them!


This is actually one of my new favorite shirts! So read on for more info on it!
It's $25.99 USD

This is what's advertised on the site, although it also comes in black! Black is the color I chose.

This is the package! (I accidentally opened it thinking It was something else oops ahah)

This is a more or less close up shot!

Here's a photo with the shirt as un-krinkled as I could manage!

Full Body!

This shirt is great! Really nice for summer time because the mesh breathed really well!

☾Detailed Review☽

Look: ❤❤❤❤❤
This looks great! It fits me right and I love that the parts around my chest are opaque but everything else is mesh. I could see myself ordering the white one as well!

Comfort: ❤❤❤❤❤
I actually expected this to me kind of itchy and also bunched up (like many crop tops) but the fabric is thick enough that it stays nice and straight down, and there is no discomfort with the mesh at all! I absolutely love it.

Quality: ❤❤❤❤❤
I was at first skeptical of the price, although after seeing and wearing it for a couple of days I agree that it's worth $26 dollars! Its great! I ran it through the wash and there were no issues there either.

Overall: ❤❤❤❤❤
A new summer favorite of mine. It matches everything and its cool and comfortable! Seriously buying the white one!!

Thank you so much Harajukufashionslut!


☾Review- Syndome Spiked Ankle Boots (Black Leather) ❤

Hey Guys! I took a small break from reviews, but now I've got so much in the mail that I'm back at it again!                      Today I've got a pair of heels from Syndrome, and guys these are downright Lethal.
I love them.

These are the first shoes i'll have ever reviewed, and I'm glad to say that there is a really positive review ahead!

This is how they are advertised on the website!
Very accurate!

This was the package!

This was the show box! It was a little beat up from mail service but the shoes themselves were unharmed!

This was how the shoes were packaged! Very secure.

These heels are so fierce WOW.

Here's a close up photo. I'm like 6'3" with these on haha.

Front view!

Look at these freakin' spurs wow

And Finally A full shot of how they look full body!

These go up to size US 9 (Womens)! That's the size I have! They also come in White Leather and Black suede! They are $40.00 USD.

☾Detailed Review☽

Look: ❤❤❤❤❤
These are the only heels I own and they are FrEAKING amazing like are you looking at these things??? If someone behind me is being as ass I can just back kick them. The leather is also sleek and I like the platform look. Not to mention they match almost everything!

Comfort: ❤❤❤❤
These are very comfortable for heels so high! I think its because they are lace up (ankle support) and they are platform, so my arch is a lot for supported than usual as well. They ONLY slight issue is that these shoes RUN SMALL. These are a 9 although fit more like an 81/2. They aren't so small that I couldn't wear them for awhile though! They could be a LITTLE roomier, but that's not a giant issue.

Quality: ❤❤❤❤
Worth every dollar. The studs are practically cemented into the shoes and aren't falling off any time soon. The leather is thick and quality as well. No complaints. 

Overall: ❤❤❤❤❤
I'm so excited to have a pair of badass heels like these!!!!! I can wear them with a LOT of my clothing and I can proceed to be a sky scraper. Definitely check em out.



Tuesday, June 24, 2014

~TribalStyle Faux Guage and Wooden Earring Review!

Hey guys! Today I have a jewelry review from the shop TribalStyle on Etsy! If you like organic and natural looking jewelry or the aesthetic in general, you will adore this shop.

I was sent a pair of Faux Abalone Shell Guages (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE TYPE OF THING ABALONE I S s O GrEAT) as well as a pair of carved wooden wings! Both pieces are absolutely stunning and I have enjoyed wearing both!

This is the package I was sent! Really nice and comforting in a casual way haha. Dog stickers made me happy.

Each pair came nice and safe in a little baggy and I was sent a card as well.

These are the Fake Plugs, horn and abalone, and I am actually in love with them. They make me feel like an island boy or something. They actually squeeze the ear and appear more convincing than most fake gauges, and are very easy to close and take out as well.

Here's a photo of one in. They are very pretty and the seashell changes colors in the lighting uvu

 One last close up of the Abalone Shell plugs!

These are the hand-carved Wooden Wing earrings and WOW these are so cool!!!!

I really love these a whole lot. They are so unique and AGh I just really love natural looking jewelry. They seem very stable and capable if lasting a long time! I was also sent spare bars for them! (The little needle like piece of wood connecting them to my ear.) 

This shop is so wonderful and so are all of the pieces. They arrived SO fast and I really wish I could buy everything in there haha. I would do a break down of each component regarding these but there is literally nothing wrong with any of them and that is my 100% honest opinion! Pleeeeease go check out this shop! It needs to be bigger and it needs more recognition NOW. 



Wednesday, June 11, 2014

†Review- Maplelens Vassen Butterfly Pink ~

Hello! I was approached by MapleLens to review a pair of lenses by them, so that's what I have for you today.
Before I get on with the review I just want to make it clear that these are my 100% honest opinions, and I have no reason to give anything false-positive information! Nobody has accused me of this, but I felt the need to make that clear unless it wasn't obvious! I wouldn't lie about a product that I could just as easily get from a different sponsor. These review are real deal opinions, okay~!

This is the stock image for the lens!

These lenses are $21.90 USD and come in other colors as well!

This is the packaging it came in! Incidentally the free lens case that was included was pink too! Incredible. 

These are the lenses! 

As you can see they are very similar to the stock image. The pink is a bit more warm and orange toned but it's basically accurate.

This is my natural eye color with no filter or lens. Just a photo taken in natural lighting!
Excuse my eyebrows, I was doing a costest prier to taking these photos haha.

This is what both lenses look like in! The pink color of the lens is being battled by my greenish grey eyes, but they manage to still show up decently pink regardless. I'm a LITTLE biased because I have another pair of pink lenses that are specifically meant for light eyes, so they are more vivid, but I have to say that I quite like the design of these. I can see myself wearing them casually or for subtle pink eyes.

This is just with one lens in to compare the lens and my natural eye directly. I do like these for a casual makeup.

Here is a full face with the lenses in! 
These lenses have a diameter of 14.5mm and a water content of 42%. Their base curve is 8.6 and they last a year.

☾Detailed Review☽

Look: ✖✖✖
I'm conflicted because I do really love the design of these lenses, but my natural eye color makes them look really muddy from far away. They are pink with a yellow ring around the keyhole. It's hard to develop a solid opinion on them! I don't dislike them, although if you have light eyes, I'd advice a different color in the same Vassen Butterfly line.

Feel: ✖✖✖✖✖
These feel great! No issues. They have a decently high water content and I don't have any sort of weird lens shifting or tunnel vision. 

Quality: ✖✖✖
These are printed really nicely although I feel that they could use a more vibrant pink. They are muddy on my eyes and I cant imagine them showing up very brightly on dark eyes.

Overall: ✖✖✖✖
That's a bit of a generous score, but I REALLY loved the actual graphic design of this lens. The yellow in the middle saved them a bit for me haha. Aside from the lenses themselves, the company IS really nice and great at communicating. I ordered these Friday and got them Monday, so SUPER fast shipping for a lens store not based in America!

I would really like a chance to wear some more lenses from this store. I feel that I might have chose a color that was destined to look less attractive on my eye color than another might have.
Thank you so much Maplelens for the chance! I hope you pick me to review for you again.