Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sheinside Review- Red Fur Hooded Draw-string Parka

Hello everyone! Today I have a review on this lovely and VERY furry parka from Sheinside! 
I have been working with Sheinside for quite some time, and I would consider us business partners at this point. I have several items to review for them, but rather than condense them all in to one review like I've done in the past, I decided to give them all their own smaller review. 

That said, I wanted to just assure you all that NONE of my reviews are decisive or untrustworthy. I have worked with this company in particular for long enough that I'm not shy about pointing out any little thing that might be unsatisfactory, as I hold them to a VERY high standard!

Onward to the parka!

I decided to choose this item because I was lacking many real winter coats. My wardrobe is full of thin sweatshirts and such, as Georgia doesn't usually get to be TOO cold, but there are still plenty of cold-fronts and I felt the need to indulge in the fur trend.

This is how the coat is advertised on site:

As you can see, the coat is featured with wool lining, fur around the hood, and drawstrings toward the bottom to further fasten the thing around you when zipped up.
(This coat is also available in OLIVE or NAVY!)

This is what I got in my package;

It looks very accurate to the advertised image! There aren't many discrepancies. The only slightly misleading feature in the Advertisement is the wool lining, as its only in the torso and sleeve hem of the parka. The inside of the long sleeves themselves is a silkier, tan-colored material. Its sort of the same stuff they use to make wind-breaker jackets? (I forgot the name of that material.)

That said, It's still really comfy, and I don't actually mind the material change. 

This coat does only come in ONE size, although due to the nature of it I'd say anyone from a small-large could fit it. If you're a shorter size XL it will probably fit as well, but I cant see the sleeves being long enough for anyone lanky over a size large. I'm generally a size medium in these sorts of things, and the bottom hem is just long enough, so make sure you check out the measurements before buying anything! This fits me really well personally!

My favorite part, as many peoples favorite part of this coat, is the GIGANTIC furred hood!!!! This hood is the holy grail for a pretty fur selfie lmao. It also really looks nice accenting shoulders when its down,

Since the hood is adored with such heavy, high quality faux fur, it does like to fall around shoulders, so I have to adjust it to look like the first photo often. I don't really use the drawstring function, but it does work if I wanted to. 

This fake wool is pretty quality, and not scratchy at all! I was worried it would bug the sensitive skin around my neck, but it didn't at all. 
There is a panel of buttons meant to clasp across the coat and over the zipper for added security as well! 

I'm very very pleased with this coat! It will look great alone, or on top of other jackets and sweatshirts. 


Comfort: ✞✞✞✞✞

Quality: ✞✞✞✞✞


Thank you so much if you read this far, and thank you Sheinside for consistent collaboration! 



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