Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Inu-Inu Review!

Hello guys! Today I have a short review on a simple, but super cute graphic Tee! Inu Inu contacted me recently with a promotion inquiry, but I don't think they realized I was already a fairly regular customer of their's! haha. I own several things from this little store.

Like I said, today I will be reviewing a very simple Anime graphic T-shirt.

I really like this shop because I feel like they offer a lot of blog-grunge and retro/90's throwback stuff! Lots of stores offer these sorts of things, but something about Inu Inu's selection is a little more my taste. (They have SOME "kawaii" fashions, but its not overkill.) I dare to call it "weeaboo-grunge" lmfao.

ANYWAY, here's how the Tee is advertised:

As you can see, it simply features an anime girl, and the text reads: "Eh, How should I answer?"

This is what I received:

Identical to the advertisement! I love this because it matches everything in my wardrobe, and since it's black and white I can wear it to the salon harhar.

It's super cute, and I can tell that this image was printed in a high quality fashion, as its not screen-printed and doesn't seem like it'll peel up. 
The only small complaint is that the white material is a bit thin, and more see-though than most white Tee's. The thin cotton makes for a VERY comfortable shirt, but my binder is super obvious beneath it, so that's a little annoying, but sort of a specific issue and I wouldn't fault the store for it.

Just know that their T-shirts are very soft and thin cotton, not like a "Hanes" brand shirt, etc.

The shirts sizing is UNISEX and mine is in a SMALL! It fits perfectly. 

Very "aesthetic blogger" and simple. I like it!

Comfort:: ✞✞✞
Very soft due to the thinness!! Fit perfectly! 

Quality: ✞✞✞
It is thin, but the image is great quality!

A great new addition to my wardrobe! I really like it!!

Thank you so much Inu Inu for contacting me! I hope you will work with me in the future. 


☆[Inu Inu]☆


  1. Cool! I was looking to get this same exact tee *__*

  2. Thanks for this review! I was looking to get some stuff from them but I wasn't sure if their quality matched their high pricing! Did you purchase accessories or hats from them you could review? Cheers! x