Tuesday, June 24, 2014

~TribalStyle Faux Guage and Wooden Earring Review!

Hey guys! Today I have a jewelry review from the shop TribalStyle on Etsy! If you like organic and natural looking jewelry or the aesthetic in general, you will adore this shop.

I was sent a pair of Faux Abalone Shell Guages (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE TYPE OF THING ABALONE I S s O GrEAT) as well as a pair of carved wooden wings! Both pieces are absolutely stunning and I have enjoyed wearing both!

This is the package I was sent! Really nice and comforting in a casual way haha. Dog stickers made me happy.

Each pair came nice and safe in a little baggy and I was sent a card as well.

These are the Fake Plugs, horn and abalone, and I am actually in love with them. They make me feel like an island boy or something. They actually squeeze the ear and appear more convincing than most fake gauges, and are very easy to close and take out as well.

Here's a photo of one in. They are very pretty and the seashell changes colors in the lighting uvu

 One last close up of the Abalone Shell plugs!

These are the hand-carved Wooden Wing earrings and WOW these are so cool!!!!

I really love these a whole lot. They are so unique and AGh I just really love natural looking jewelry. They seem very stable and capable if lasting a long time! I was also sent spare bars for them! (The little needle like piece of wood connecting them to my ear.) 

This shop is so wonderful and so are all of the pieces. They arrived SO fast and I really wish I could buy everything in there haha. I would do a break down of each component regarding these but there is literally nothing wrong with any of them and that is my 100% honest opinion! Pleeeeease go check out this shop! It needs to be bigger and it needs more recognition NOW. 



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