Thursday, June 5, 2014

☾Review- Sclera-Lenses NEGATIVE Scleras☽

Hey guys! This review is for a pair of "Negative" sclera lenses from! They were nice enough to sponsor me a pair and I'm here to tell you about them. 

I'm going to go ahead and say that after HOURS of endless searching this website has the CHEAPEST sclera lenses by a LARGE margin, lenses starting at around $79 USD.
If you use the discount code "spectre" you can get 10% off! That's definitely the best value for sclera lenses around.

This is the packaging the lenses came in! They come with an extra large case for the scleras. These contact lenses are a whopping 22mm in diameter, so make sure your eyes are large enough before investing in a pair. They have "Mini Scleras" for folks with smaller eyes! They are cheaper as well and a great alternative. 

Again, these are the "Negative" lenses. They make your eye appear almost "inverted"! These are definitely striking. They are also my first pair of my full sized sclera lenses. 

If you have never worn contact lenses, please do not waste your money on these just yet. I recommend getting REALLY skilled with applying lenses before you go for something this large, as you literally have to cover you entire visible eye and MORE with the lens. 

These are my eyes before inserting the lenses. This was taken in natural window lighting.

This is a close up of my scleras in window lighting. These lenses are DEFINITELY better for dark eyes, as you can occasionally see light eyes through the pupil hole.

This is what my eyes look like side by side, one sclera contact lens in and one out. As you can see, its nearly 100% full coverage.

This is a full face shot of the lenses. As you see, they are VERY striking and scary in my opinion. I'm basically in love with them. 

These lenses have a diameter of 22mm and a base curve of 11mm. They have a water content of 45% and are made of Polyhema.

☾Detailed Review☽

Look: ✖✖✖✖✖
These are sooooo awesome !! I really love the way these look. They freak everyone out and that's exactly what I like in a pair of FX lenses.

Feel: ✖✖✖
I can't compare these to any other sclera lenses, because these are my first full pair, but they are definitely less comfortable than regular lenses. Although they are a little drying at first, I've noticed as I've worn them a few times since receiving them that you DO get used to the feeling very fast. It's an acquired feeling, so to speak. I also have "tunnel vision", meaning that when I look around there in a small white border, although that isn't painful. Its just something you get used to.

Quality: ✖✖✖✖✖
For the price, I was a little weary of the quality, although I was pleasantly surprised to find that these contact lenses were just as nice and durable as any. 

Overall: ✖✖✖✖
I'm super excited to own a pair of these, and although they are much different than wearing regualr lenses, it's nothing I cant get used to or look past. As a costumer and aspiring FX artist, I REALLY hope to own more of these in the future.

Make sure to use the discount code "spectre" for 10% off if you purchase anything from!




  1. I'm just curious, when you ordered your lenses did you have any issues with the FDA holding them? I ordered a pair on Oct 16th and was told that they're now being held by the FDA and I have no way of getting ahold of them. It's very inconvenient.

    1. I'm going threw the same crap. Its been 18 days and I still haven't received them

    2. Did this ever get resolved?

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