Monday, June 9, 2014

☯Review- Solution-Lens VASSEN CARA GOLD LENSES †

Hey, thanks for coming to read this review! Today it's on's Vassen Cara gold contact lenses. They are identical to the Vassen Lollipop brand, although these are in a color not offered anywhere else that I've seen!

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This is the packaging the lenses come in! I must say that this company ALWAYS manages to send their packages out really fast. It's only taken me about a week to receive from them ever, and the time is always pretty consistent. Also they send your lenses with a little straw box, and a pair of complimentary earrings and a pen, so that's cute.

Here are photos of the lenses within their viles as well as in the complimentary case provided by Solution-Lens! As you can see, they are a very vivid gold.

This is a photo of my natural eye color in natural lighting.

This is a photo of both lenses in! They are super bright and my natural eye color isn't too blatantly unattractive through the pupil hole.

This is a close up comparison of what only one contact lens looks like in reference to my natural iris and eye color, Very gold! Very bright.

Here's a full-face shot of the lenses! 
Vassen Cara Gold circle lenses are a 15mm lens with an average base curve of 8.6.
These lenses are $19.90 USD at and that's the only shop I've seen them at!

☾Detailed Review☽

Look: ✖✖✖✖
These lenses are really great and cold! The only complaint I have is that I feel the lens would be more flattering if the black portions were an orange color instead. Overall they look great though, and I plan on using them for several cosplays.

Feel: ✖✖✖✖✖
These are some of the most comfortable lenses I own now! And I own a lot of them haha. They are seamless. I can't even tell when they are in and can't say anything negatively about their comfort.

Quality: ✖✖✖✖✖
These are of great color and print, and judging by their comfort I'd say they are super quality! Just as good as any of the other Vassen lenses I own.

Overall: ✖✖✖✖✖
Its's difficult to come across yellow/gold lenses lenses that are vibrant without being totally flat with color. I want my lenses to look KIND OF natural but also very pigmented (as opposed to a Manson lens, which is very Halloweeny). These do just that for me! Super excited to get tons of wear out of these.

Thanks for the opportunity, Solution-Lens!




- What is the natural color of your eyes and style ?
They are Grey and I have hooded eyes!
- What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands ?
I love Red, Orange and Pink lenses. Vassen is my favorite.
- Do you often wear color lenses (which brands) ?
Very often! Several times a week. I like Vassen and EOS sometimes,
- Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, blogs, friends...) ?
- What contact lenses do you like on our store (add photos and links) ?
I like your Vassen and your Pink lenses
- Is our website easy to visit / browse ?
Yes, very!
- Is our customer service good / quick ?
The quickest, and VERY cooperative.
- What do you think about lens color ?
Very vibrant and Unique.
- What do you think about lens comfort ?
The most comfortable.
- What do you think about lens enlargement ?
Its small, which is what I personally prefer!
- What is your overall opinion about the lenses ?
(See review)
- What is your overall opinion about our store ?
I really love the store! You guys offer SO many more lenses than I see on more popular sites. I feel that you guys are super underrated!!!

Thank You so much Solution-Lens for the opportunity! I hope to work with you guys again in the future!

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