Tuesday, May 20, 2014

~Solution-Lens Contact Review~


So I got these lenses from Solution-Lens yesterday!

These are what the lenses looked like in the vile and case!
They are a REALLY vibrant purple with bright yellow on the inner ring. There is also a lighter lavender between the darker purple and the yellow, and yellow dashes and designs are all through out the lenses.
They are INCREDIBLY detailed, and the backing is opaque, meaning that they will show up true to color, and not transparent on all eye colors.

And Full-face!!~

These are what they look like on my Grey/green eyes.
This photo was taken in natural lighting, right in front of a window!
-Detailed review-
Fit: 5/5
These contacts are nice and big at 15.0 in size, and that is perfect for my personal eye size! They didn’t shift or look weird when i moved my eyes around. The fit was absolutely perfect!

Look: 5/5
These have got to be the most INTRICATE and detailed lenses I own! They are so beautiful and I really hope to own the whole series in the future! Yellow and purple complement each other well.

Quality: 4/5
These lenses are really nicely printed and completely opaque, even on the back of the lens, so the details, purples and yellows all show up just as vibrant and true to color on even dark eyes. The only minor issue was that one of the purple rings was larger on one contact from the other, although it is minor and impossibly hard to notice unless pointed out.

Overall: 5/5
I love these! Like I said, I hope to own them all in the future. I can wear these comfortably and daily without any issues and Im glad that Solution-lens was kind enough to sponsor them to me!!!

~Other important questions pertaining to the review!~
- What is the natural color of your eyes and style ?
My eyes are greyish blue and sometimes green, and they are hooded!
- What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands ?
Vassen and GEO are my favorite brands and Red and Violet are my favorite colors to wear. Vassen Yiwa Violet and GEOlica Celine Brown are my favorite lenses specifically.
- Do you often wear color lenses (which brands) ?
I wear them nearly every day and I typically wear Vassen or Geo.
- Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, blogs, friends…) ?
Through google as well as a friend on Instagram who had bought from Solution-Lens before.
- What contact lenses do you like on our store (add photos and links) ?
- Is our website easy to visit / browse ?
Yes, everything is organized very thoroughly by brand, color or occasion!
- Is our customer service good / quick ?
Yes!! These lenses came SO fast for being out of the country!! 
- What do you think about lens color ?
Its super vivid and vibrant, and thats exactly how I like my lenses.
- What do you think about lens comfort ?
They are just like any normal lens, comfortable enough to wear for atleast 8 hours.
- What do you think about lens enlargement ?
Not too big, not too small! Just perfect for my personal taste and eye shape/size.
- What is your overall opinion about the lenses ?
I love them, and im REALLY honored that soultion-lens sponsored me this pair of contact lenses. Im really excited to wear them casually as well as in costume.
- What is your overall opinion about our store ?

The fasted shipping by far of most of the circle lens stores ive seen! Email responses are always quick, and the store takes its business very seriously. Very well run!
Thank you for reading! Please check them out!!

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