Wednesday, May 28, 2014

☆Review- Uniqso Beuberry CA Violet Lenses~

Hey guys, another review here for you all today. This time I've got lenses by Uniqso, a very underrated lens shop who happens to sell nearly all of what larger lens shops sell, though under a different name for for much cheaper. Today I'm reviewing Beuberry CA Violet lenses which are literally identical to VASSEN Lollipop Violet, although these are much cheaper. These Lenses are specifically noted for light eyes, although they show up vibrantly on any eye color!

PLEASE visit Uniqso through that link! It's my tracking link, so that they can monitor how well I'm referring! Simply search the product name in the search bar. 

For this store, the coupon code "spectre" will earn you 10% off!!

This is the packaging the lenses came in! It comes all neatly in a little box with a free lens case! The lens case has a sticker where you can record the expiration date, which I've never seen before. 

 This is what they looked like in the vile and also what they look like in the lens case provided by Uniqso! As you can see, they are a rich indigo color with a thin black ring around the outside as well as black and yellow shards of color inside the ring of the design.

I specifically chose these lenses for a Tamaki Suoh cosplay, as they are a blue-toned purple and ended up looking just right for what I was going for!
These are an identical VASSEN Lollipop replica, and as someone who own name brand Vassen Lollipop lenses, I can assure that they are perfect dupes.
These are NOT available in prescription as of right now! 
These lenses are $17.90 USD, and even cheaper if you use the 10% discount code, "spectre"!

These are my eyes in natural lighting with no lenses in!

This photo is with both lenses in, photographed in natural window lighting, They are SO pretty?? I see why they are called "Lollipop" because they look kinda like candy? Like candy shards. I dunno lol.

This is a side-by-side so that its easier to compare them together! These lenses are pretty big. Super sugoi or whatever. My natural iris is also so tiny what the heck lol.

Here's a non-close up of my face with the lenses. Haha. sorry about the expression??

~In Depth Review~

These fit absolutely perfectly. There is absolutely no shifting or anything funky like that, and the size is really nice and big, which is what I was going for with these lenses because they are meant for an anime character cosplay!

These lenses are awesome! They look like broken hard candy! They are huge at a 15/16 diameter and the color of them is very vibrant. There is no discoloration or badly printed color.

For knock-off lenses these are actually perfect! There don't seem to be any discrepancies between these and the real lenses. The printing is perfect and they do not shift or seem to blur.


I really can't complain about anything haha. These lenses are exactly as advertised, cheaper than anywhere else that sells the same lens, the color shows up on  my eye color, and they are comfortable. Can't say anything badly!

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity Uniqso! You are actually the first company to sponsor me lenses and I'm extremely honored! 

Remember to use the coupon code "spectre" for 10% off!

For FAQs about circle lenses; check this page out. It contains all the information about circle lenses you will ever need." in your review before


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