Tuesday, May 27, 2014

☆Review- Pinky Paradise ☆NEW☆ Princess Pinky Radiance Hazel Lenses~

Hello! I've got another review today of some new arrivals from Pinky Paradise! They are the Princess Pinky Radiance Hazel lenses and they are from a line consisting of all very detailed and vibrant colors for both dark and light eyes.

Make sure to use the coupon code "Spectre" for a mystery gift at check-out!

Here's the packaging as well as the animal cases they send with every pair of lenses!

These lenses, again, are Princess Pinky Radiance Hazel! I chose them specifically for an Aoba cosplay from DMMD as I expected them to come in a bit browner, although they are much more Orange in person, and I'm actually really happy about that. They are BEAUTIFUL like wow?? 

If you are looking to cosplay any orange eyed character or you just want to look mystical or inhuman these are awesome. The best thing about them in my opinion is that they appear really natural in design. They are not just flat color.
The only current downside to these is that they do NOT come in prescription as of now! :(
These are priced at $28.90 USD and well worth it!!

These are my eyes in natural window lighting before wearing any lenses!

This is with both of the lenses in! They appear a little muddier on my eye color, as my eyes are naturally light.
These would probably appear even more stunning on dark eyes! This photo is also in natural window lighting.

This photo is of only contact lens in, so to show how the lenses affect my eyes side-by-side!
As you can see, they appear both larger and somewhat more enchanted with the lenses in.

Lastly, here is a full-face shot of me wearing the circle lenses! They give a very "Vampy" look and I really love that, haha.

~In Depth Review~

These lenses are really great in size at 14.5 mm in diameter, which is fairly large for what I'm used to, although I like it for this pair! The only fitting issue I noted is that the left contact shifts a little. 

These lenses are freaking spectacular in design! I LOVE that I finally got my hands on a pair of orange lenses that look natural, as opposed to "Orange Manson" lenses, which are just flat and boring. These truly look magnificent and I think that they will give each unique eye color a separate effect.

The printing on these is incredible, as I said they are very detailed and realistic looking. The only quality issue I can mention, is again, the slight shifting in the left contact lens.

I love these! They're crazy pretty and definitely a new favorite pair!! I really want to get my hands on the other colors in the Radiance Hazel line.

Thank you so much Pinky Paradise for this awesome chance! I look forward to the next quarterly pair of sponsored lenses!!

Use coupon code "Spectre" for a mystery gift!

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  1. How are these to wear during longer hours