Wednesday, May 21, 2014

~Snow Bunny Studios: Mink Headband Review (DMMD)

Hey guys, if you’re looking for an inexpensive Mink headband for a Dramatical Murder cosplay, or you just like Mink, please read on!
Hey guys! So, Kenya Thompson of Snowbunnystudios on Etsy was nice enough to sponsor me a Mink headband from her shop, so here I thought I’d write a little review on it!

Inside was, of course, the headband! She also included a small white button that I’m assuming is her shop advert, 
On the front of the sealed plastic wrapping, there is a small card attached with her shop name and logo on it. Really cute and sweet looking.
I didn’t photograph it, although there was a strip of card stock inside if the headband within the packaging, keeping it straight and neat looking!

This is a close up of the button!
Quality 4/5: This headband is made of some sort of stretchy material, and while that type of material tends to be cheap and unappealing, I find that this specific headband manages to feel durable and lightweight without being flimsy or anything! It’s thin, although that doesn’t affect the look of the headband. The only small complaint I could think of was the minor denting in the button, although its nothing huge or too noticeable unless really close.
Accuracy 5/5: The headband seems to be perfect in width and color! Most Mink headbands I’ve seen for sale around EBay are the infamous cosplay polyester, as well as the wrong shade of pink. 
Comfort 5/5: As mentioned before, this headband is lightweight while remaining durable and opaque, so you could wear it around your forehead in cosplay in hot weather, and it will be as comfortable as an item such as this can be. Its not too tight on my head personally, and has a lot of stretch to it!
Overall 4.5/5 This headband is great and it’s what Im going to recommend to my Mink in our DMMD group. Its the best I’ve seen, and aside from the button there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it! You guys should check out Kenya at her shop here, as shes got loads of other materials such as this. 
This headband is only 12$ with low priced shipping!
Thank you so much K.D. !!!! I wish you luck and sales a your shop! 

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