Monday, May 26, 2014

☆Review- Pinky Paradise EOS Dolly Eye Green Contact Lenses!~

Hey guys, what's up! I hope every one had a good time at all of the conventions this past weekend! I know there where a lot of them. I'm exhausted from my convention, personally, but I'm back now and have several reviews for you guys! First up is a pair of contact lenses sponsored to me by Pinky Paradise! This is my first sponsored review for them.

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Here is the package and the wrap it came in! (It came with another pair of lenses as well so that's why the photo is cropped and the package is so big)

These lenses are EOS Dolly Eye Green and I've wanted these for quite some time! They are some of the brightest green lenses I've seen, although the lighting in these photos is washing that out a bit! 
These lenses do come sealed in a vile and are available in prescription! I always love the animal cases that Pinky Paradise sends along. These lenses are priced at $25.90 USD!

I Actually wore these for the first time in cosplay, so that's why my eyebrows and such are different from normal! haha.

This is a photo of my natural eye color in evening window lighting before putting in any contact lenses.

This is a photo in the same window lighting of both contacts in! They are soo green and I am actually in love. I've been on the hunt for green lenses this bright for so long.

This final close-up photo is of only one lens in, so to compare side-by-side how the contact lens effects my eye.

Finally, a full-face shot of me with the lenses in. Again, I was in cosplay, so forgive the in-character appearance! 

~In depth Review~

These contacts are the perfect size for my eyes in the cosplay I plan to wear them for, as the diameter is smaller and the character is a boy! They are on the smaller side of circle lenses at only 14.2 mm, although for me and the purpose I have them for, they're perfect! My only complaint is that they seemed to get a bit dryer than some other lenses more quickly.

These lenses are VERY bright green and great for if you want it to be unmistakable what color your eyes are haha. I have been looking for a green this way for a long time. There is a black circle around the edges that helps to make them seem more animated, although there are also thin black lines around the pupil that help them to appear less fake and flat!

Quality: ☠     
These are very comfortable and the printing is very clean and there are no discolorations! I would say these are nearly flawless quality. 

I don't even have words for how great these are! I plan on using them for several cosplays in the future!! I cant even wait to get more use out of them. They are bright and fairly comfy and totally spot-on. 

Thank you so much to Pinky Paradise for allowing me this opportunity! Be on the look out for the next review soon.

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    Thank you for your help.