Thursday, May 29, 2014

~☆MJCollective Phone case, Keychain, and accessory Review!

Hi Guys! Rather than a contact lens review, like I've had the last few days, I've got a phone case and accessory review for you guys, courtesy of Morgan from MJCollective on Store envy!

So I'm going to show you all everything that came in the packaging, as well as the packaging itself! Warning, pic dump.

The phone case! It is for an Iphone 5! I asked Morgan to surprise me and she found something that basically embodies my entire fashion sense okay lol. Red, black and spooky. Everyhting is cemented with what looks kinda like icing, but is obviously some sort of super strong hold adhesive! Nothing has fallen off yet!!

Super cute headphone jack plugs!

Agh I wish Iphones had a charm slot! I love this keychain!!

I cant wait to adorn something with these omg they're super shiny and sturdy pins.

So, as you can see, Morgan sent me tons of really cute goodies! 
The phone case itself is so freaking adorable, holy cow?? I asked her to surprise me and gave her a general basic of interest and she couldn't have picked a better case. Red and black with creepy things are definitely a fave of mine, as you can see by my blog here hahah.

She also sent me a pair of wing pins, which I plan on pinning to my favorite denim vest, or maybe a hat!

She sent 2 headphone jack plugs with flower charms! The black on is in my phone right now!

Lastly. I was SUPER excited about the little macaron key-chain/cell phone charm. Why don't iPhones have a slot for these things?? I settled for chaining it to my lanyard haha.

Everything that was sent to me was in pristine condition! Also the Ziploc baggy was super cute, oops lol. 
I'm a sucker for packaging. 

I was really pleased with everything Morgan sent me and you guys should totally check her store out! Everything is reasonably priced! I've had the phone case on for a few days now and it had yet to lose any pieces!

You all should check out MJCollective!

Thank you so much Morgan for allowing me this opportunity! 

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