Sunday, September 7, 2014

✯Review- Harajukufashionslut "FUCK OFF" Tie-dye tee! ✞

Hey guys, It's been awhile but I've got a new review for you all from Harajukufashion slut!
This is my second review for the store, and I'm glad to say it's just as positive as my first one!

Today I'll be reviewing an item that is not yet available, although there are similar items in the shop, and this specific one should be available soon as well!

(Epilepsy Warning)

This is the advertised photo for what I will be reviewing today:

It is not available at the moment but here is a similar piece!

It's the only other rainbow piece, but I think is also cute. c:

This is the Package! I was so excited when it arrived! I wasn't too nervous about sizing, as I have a small figure and typically fit all shirts that come on one size. eve

This is the shirt right out of the package. I apologize for the shitty lighting, it was raining and the natural light was awful! As you can see everything about this shirt is identical to the advertised picture! Right down to the tag at the collar.

I put the shirt on right away! It was a LITTLE short, but I have an obnoxiously long torso. It doesn't look very short, its just fitted for a slightly shorter torso with a larger chest perhaps. Its nothing I cant get over, and I'm the only one who can really tell when I'm wearing it!

I got into Makishima cosplay for this shirt review because I thought the rainbow shirt looked nice with his rainbow hair, (Also, I felt it pretty in character haha.)


This short is absolutely perfect for my wardrobe. It's psychedelic and also smart assy?? That's perfect to be honest. Rainbow colors also really stimulate my eyes, slap rainbow on anything and i'm there. That said, this is actually one of the only really colorful bulk pieces in my wardrobe, so I really needed this! Ahaha.

I really like the pattern this shirt is dyed in, and the lettering doesn't look as though its going to come off any time soon!

Overall, This shirt is totally perfect! I think the design is very quality, and the shirt itself is very soft. It's also made of a very thin material that will be much more comfortable than normal t-shirts in the Georgia humidity for me haha. I am a size small in mens T-shirt and feel that this can fit a size extra small-large comfortably, although you will lose the "oversized" look as a large maybe.
Thank you so much Harajuku Fashion Slut for the opportunity to review again!! 



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