Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Uniqso- Beuberry Vivid Red Circle Lenses!

Hey everyone! Today I have a lens review from the wonderful Uniqso!! They are always a pleasure to work with, and this review will be on Bueberry Vivid Red lenses!

If you decide to purchase these lenses, or anything at all on Uniqso, be sure to enter my coupon code "spectre" for 10% off!
These lenses took about 3 weeks to arrive to my house, which is typical for most lens deliveries unless you request a more expensive shipping option, but I don't usually mind waiting! I have worn Bueberry brand lenses before, and they have always been just fine, so I wasn't worried at all about these lenses.

This is how the lens is featured on the site:

Although I am familiar with the Bueberry brand, I have never seen these lenses on any site besides Uniqso! So i took that as an opportunity to try them out. Initially, because of the pink, I thought they would make good contacts for my Greed cosplay (FMA:B), but unfortunately the pink is a bit duller in person and also neutralized by my natural eye color. 

(This was the mail package, but I got excited and ripped it open before realizing it was this specific package ene)

As always you receive a cute box and a free lens case.

They are a little less intense looking than the featured photo, although they still look unique, even in comparison with the dozens of lenses that I have haha.

Here are the lenses in comparison to my natural eye color, and then only one lens in as well.

They appear as a sort of.....casual red? Haha. I do like them, as they are a pinky red, and my other red lenses are very orange-red. The only complaint I have about the lenses themselves is the very blatant (and even outlined?) "keyhole". My natural eye color is super accentuated and its a unique effect, I suppose, but I prefer a softer blend.

Appearence: ☆☆☆☆

Comfort: ☆☆☆☆☆

Quality: ☆☆☆☆☆

I wore these all day ling at the salon with no discomfort of abnormal dryness at all! 
I think these will end up being a really great and interesting lens for casual wear and I cant wait to get more use out of them!  I think Uniqso has got some great lenses and wigs to offer and you should totally check them out. They have hundreds of crazy lenses for cosplay and Halloween, as well as casual lenses!! Not only that, but they have a bunch of really great wigs to choose from as well, from cosplay wigs to Lolita wigs and more. Their prices are lower than some of the other lens and wig suppliers and y'all should totally take a look!

As always, remember to use the coupon code "spectre" for 10% off of your Uniqso purchase!

Thank you so so much Uniqso for sponsoring this review! It's always a pleasure!



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