Sunday, September 7, 2014

Uniqso Review- Makishima Yusuke Cosplay Wig!

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Hey guys! This is my second review for Uniqso, and I'm really excited about it. This time they sponsored me a WIG and its so amazing, I cant wait to rave about it to y'all. This is my first wig review, but I;m just going to treat it the same as any other review!

This is how the wig is advertised!

Its pictured to be very lush and thick, which is very true to the actual wig!

This is the packaging! 

This is the wig right out of the packaging without any styling or anything.

I was pleased to find that it didn't tangle nearly as bad as I expected! I really love this wig a whole lot! Its very thick and the fiber quality is very nice, I am a religious ARDA wig buyer, but sometimes you need specific character wigs, and why weft together several expensive wigs and wefts when you can buy a quality wig for the character like this?

That said, I will note that the color of this wig is a liiiiittle off. The wig is a little more blue toned than the official concept art for Makishima, and I think that might be mostly due to the actual BLUE wefts sewn in. His hair canonically doesn't contain any blue at all, but i believe that perhaps the purpose of that in the wig is to create dimension? If you are a perfectionist this might not be for you, but otherwise its wonderful. 
The red streaks are also slightly more orange than in canon, Here is an official photo for reference:

Personally, maybe because I don't ever plan on doing a full Maki cosplay, am not too bothered by the color difference, but that's just me, and I probably would be in another case!

Even though it's technically inaccurate, the blue is very pretty and does create more depth in the wig.

This wig is VERY voluminous and thick, and there are no visible wefts or anything when wearing it, even in the crown! The fibers are soft and don't tangle AS MUCH as a typical wig this length. They do tangle still, just like any wig or hair in general, and all tangles are easily combed out with a wide-toothed comb!

The fibers are heat resistant and the curls can be set in as many times as necessary if they end up getting combed or worn out! This wig is made to curl as well, so it will style that way much easier. 

I just the bang in the middle for Maki and pushed a few pieces behind my ears, and this is what I ended up with!

I think it's really nice! Its a longer wig, so naturally it's more difficult to work with, but overall I think its really great! I think Uniqso has got some great wigs to offer and you should totally check them out. They have hundreds of crazy lenses for cosplay and Halloween, as well as casual lenses!! Not only that, but they have a bunch of really great wigs to choose from as well, from cosplay wigs to Lolita wigs and more. Their prices are lower than some of the other lens and wig suppliers and y'all should totally take a look!

If you plan on making a purchase, for ANYTHING, wigs, lenses, etc, be sure to key in the coupon code "spectre" for 10% off of your purchase! It'd really help us both out!



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