Sunday, July 20, 2014

☪ Review- Song Yee Designs Assorted Necklaces! †

Hey guys I've been on vacation at Metro and Tampa for a while, but I'm back with a review from Song Yee designs! She sent me three beautiful necklaces! 

I'll post the package, contents, and then a photo of each piece of jewelry separately! 

This is what was sent me! I got three necklaces, all of which are still available on the site! They are all handcrafted and unique!

She was nice enough to send me several things!

This is a garnet necklace! I like it because it's sort of a deep blood color, and it seems very vampy! Its got a silver colored wire and its 16" long.

This is a moonlight crystal and it's also silver, and 16" long. Its really mystical and wizardy ouo.

This one is an amber piece! The chain and wire for this one is gold and again, 16" inches. I like a shorter length so that I can layer. This one is actually my favorite! 

This are detailed shots of each piece! They're all beautiful and quality!

These are the necklaces on! They are very dainty and I will probably layer these with a longer necklace!

Thank you so much Song Yee Designs for the opportunity to review for you!


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