Sunday, July 6, 2014

† Review- AJB Creations Assorted Jewelry!

Hey guys! I've got more accessories here to review from the lovely Amy Jo at AJB Creations on etsy! She sent me several necklaces that I'm to review, and they're all lovely!! 

I'll post the packaging and total contents, then a photo(s) of each item and give a rundown of each! If you like pretty handmade stuff. keep reading!

This is the packaging! The small bags (That I somehow didn't get photos of) contained a choker that there will be pics of here at the end! 

She was very generous in sending me several things to play with and I'm so thankful!

This was the First item I picked out! Its a leaf charm on a silver chain and is medium length! It's different from anything else I have!

Overall this piece is really great! Its earthy and pretty and I love the sheen of the leafs material!

These are the other two necklaces I was sent!

I think they actually look very pretty together! They are the same bronze color and there lengths go nicely. 
The starfish flower is still available here
Overall The starfish one is my favorite, as I have a soft spot for mother of pearl and all things nautical, but the bronzed rocks are very nice too! They aren't something Id normally pick up and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked them. 

This was the choker I was sent!! i ACTUALLY really LOVE THIS!!! I love leather and the little key is so cute and its adjustable and WOW I love it :.)

The little gems are yellow and its super cute!! It obviously wasnt the best jewelry for the turtleneck I was wearing, but with a tank top or something, this will be adorable. 

Overall I really loved all of these pieces!! I'm super excited to wear them all of the time!! Thank you so much AJB Creations for the opportunity!!!


☆[AJB Creations]☆

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