Thursday, December 4, 2014

☆ Review for Sheinside!

Hello you guys! I took a little while getting this up because I really wanted to try and get my photo taking space situated, but I just dont have any blank walls or anything to take photos with. Im going to try the white sheet method, but for now I hope you can ignore my very unprofessional and boring wall lol.

This is my first time working with Sheinside, though I can say already that they are a very respectable company. Before I even get started I'm going to let you know that every item I received was really great, and I put faith in that your experience with them will be the same, provided you purchase from Sheinside. 
These are the items I picked out, and they took about two weeks, or a little less, to arrive. 

These are the items I received, and if you'd like to go directly to their page on Sheinside, the links are in order here~

Ill start off with the Red Plaid cardigan!

I chose this item because it looked like something I haven't seen a lot of other bloggers review, and I am always a fan of the lumberjack look. Also the pockets are fake fur, which I thought was a cute, werewolfy touch, Here's the sizing, as it only comes in one:
This cardigan.....was unbelievably soft and honestly, if it had nothing else going for it, the softness would have made the whole thing worthwhile anyway hahah, I'm a very hypersensitive person when it comes to fabrics and this material wasn't a scratchy knit, it was VERY smooth and silky feeling and I can't rave enough about that. 

Even though it only comes in one size, it seemed baggy enough in my opinion to fit sizes small through large, although it was a LITTLE short on me in comparison to the site model, buts that's to be expected since i'm taller than average. 

I ended up looking like a vampire or something, (which usually happens when I freehand generic makeup for stuff like this), but as I mentioned earlier, this piece gives me a very wolfy vibe. Probably because it reminds me of lumberjacks which are in the woods and wolfs are also in the woods? Aren't lumberjacks usually werewolves?

Yeah!!! Anyway sorry that isn't part of the review I just needed to give yall the mental image i was picturing. Anyway, on to the pastel sweater!

I ordered the pastel sweater because I don't own very many pastel items, and I wanted to see how well I could pull it off! The sizing for the sweater is here:

This one also only comes in one size! Although it is meant to be a crop-top, I dont recommend this for anyone bigger than a size medium, I personally am a size medium and it fits JUST right, but I can't imagine the sleeves being long enough for anyone with bigger/longer arms.
This sweater is NOT as cozy as the cardigan unfortunately, and feels a little scratchy, but it is soft generally, just not comparatively. I think it's really cute and cant wait for an excuse to wear it out of the house,

It makes me feel like a super twink, really.

Lastly, the pants! I didnt get many photos of them, as I take my pictures alone and do not own a tripod (yet) but I managed to get a couple. 

The sizing for these is here:

These are the only item I received that do in fact come in separate sizes!
I personally wanted mine to be more of a Capri style, so I got a size SMALL, but if you'd like the leg to go all the way to your ankle I suggest ordering a size larger than what you wear.

These pants were a LITTLE thin for what I was expecting. They definitely feel more like polyester than cotton, but I enjoy the texture, Its almost the kind that you can imagine making a sound if you run your nails along it?? Anyway. As promised these have a drawstring, and the zippers are functional. Can't complain, I really needed some basic pants in my life.

Everything I recieved in this package was really great! I hope you all consider shopping at Sheinside, they have SO many awesome items to select from! I'm not just saying that, either, I've been shopping at this site for ages, way before I was *~~sponsored~~*. They really do have the best deals for lots of street styles and trendy stuff.

Everything I wrote about today is ON SALE! So check it out!

Thank you so much if you read this far, and thank you Sheinside for sponsoring this review!



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