Wednesday, November 19, 2014

☆ Review- Ghostcos Wild Pink Wig from Dreamation

Dreamation Review!

Hey guys! I've owed this particular review for quite some time and now I am finally able to do it! This review will be for Dreamation shop, and i'll be talking to you all about the Ghostcos Wild Pink Wig!

This is what the site advertises for the wig. Very accurate I'd say! Obviously this one is all styled, but it matches the item I received pretty well.

This is what the wig looked like prior to ANY styling at all.
Its VERY thick in the top, and there is a small mullet deal in the back haha. If you arent the best at cutting, this wig is going to be a LITTLE difficult to manage, but i dont have an issue with that personally! 

This was the wig trimmed and styled. I could have thinned it some more toward he crown in retrospect, but for the sake of reviewing it this is fine!

As you can see, the thickness in the crown can take away from the style if you dont thin it enough!

From the side you can see the style better.

This wig is pretty great! The color is really cute and goes with my (very few) pastel items. I personally will definitely look in to Dreamation some more for other cosplay needs!

Thank you so much Dreamation for sponsoring me!



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  1. I think the pink wig and pastel colours suit you very well!