Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Uniqso Review- Phantasee Red Black Sclera lens in "Sunpyre"!

If you decide to purchase these lenses, or anything at all on Uniqso, be sure to enter my coupon code "spectre" for 10% off!

Hello! I have a review for you all on a pair of sclera contact lenses by Uniqso tonight!
These lenses that Ill be reviewing are Phantasee Red Black Sclera lens in "Sunpyre"!
I had a convention this past weekend and am just able to review them, but they were shipped to me through express and came within 2 weeks! This is my second pair of sclera lenses, and these are personally easier to insert than my others. I was excited to receive these because I think they're unique and could suit lots of scary special effects makeup or demon characters!

This is the image advertised on Uniqso:

I'd say the image is very accurate!

This was the package everything came in!

Here was the packages contents! Nice and neat. Uniqso includes a nice special lens case that is big enough for your scleras!

Lastly, here's the vile that the lenses came in. They look so realistically printed! 

Here is a triple comparison of my eyes and the lenses! I really really love these, you guys. They are SO creepy and actually VERY comfortable for lenses this large! It didn't take me very long to get them in, but if you're a beginner I don't recommend them just yet!

I feel like a Ghoul or a vampire with these in, perfect for Halloween!

Appearence: ☆☆☆☆☆

Comfort: ☆☆☆☆☆

Quality: ☆☆☆☆☆

Overall I think these lenses are really amazing! I can't think of a single flaw. I think Uniqso has got some great lenses and wigs to offer and you should totally check them out. They have hundreds of crazy lenses for cosplay and Halloween, as well as casual lenses!! Not only that, but they have a bunch of really great wigs to choose from as well, from cosplay wigs, to Lolita wigs, and more. Their prices are lower than some of the other lens and wig suppliers and y'all should totally take a look!

I can't wait to order some more lenses from Uniqso! Especially scleras like these.

As always, If you decide to purchase these lenses, or anything at all on Uniqso, please enter my coupon code "spectre" for 10% off!

Thank you so so much Uniqso for sponsoring this review! It's always a pleasure!



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  1. oh god *o* I love scleras and they look really cool on you!